What is Chronobot?
Chronobot is an application to help you automate ETH transfers.

Why choose Chronobot?
1) Chronobot will broadcast your transaction to multiple hubs so it has higher chances to execute at the desired time.
2) After you have submitted the signed transaction, there is no need to keep any kind of wallet or software open, Chronobot takes care of everything.
3) You avoid network or browser delays and human errors that may cause you to to lose valuable seconds.
4) You don't have to give your wallet key, you can sign the transaction offline

What are the use cases of Chronobot?
Right now the most important use case is ICO participation, but you can use it to precisely schedule ETH or token transfers.

How is Chronobot helping you?
You no longer need to wake up in the middle of the night. Chronobot will do the work for you and it will do it more efficiently.

Is Chronobot secure?
Yes, Chronobot does not know/store your private keys. It only schedules pre-signed transactions.

How Chronobot works?
You select time&date with seconds precision and give a transaction for Chronobot to execute. At the given time Chronobot will broadcast the transaction on many Ethereum nodes making it more precise and more efficient than manual wallet transfer.

What are the risks?
If Chronobot misbehaves or gets hacked, the risks are either your transaction will execute faster or it will not execute at all. In both cases your funds and keys are safe.

How do I generate a signed transaction?
There are many ways and tools to generate a signed transaction, probably easiest way is to use myetherwallet.com "Send Offline" feature. You can check this Tutorial.

What are Chronobot slots?
On each slot you can schedule one transaction. Once the transaction was executed you can use the slot for another transaction, they do not expire.

How can I add more slots?
First add your wallet address in Settings, then transfer ETH to the indicated address. Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, paste your txhash and push BUY button.